About Henri Pellemans

Hi, I'm Henri and in my business life I act as an independent (personal) finance professional. I graduated as a certified public accountant as well as a certified financial analyst. My carriere started in 1983 at a big four auditing firm (KPMG Eindhoven, NL). More than six years later, in 1990, I moved to ABAB Accountants (working for SME companies in the south of the Netherlands) in order to further develop my advisory skills, a.o. being head of their Personal Finance department. After eight years, in 1998, I felt the need to be really independent, so I started my own company. I still feel very happy with this step and I really look forward to share my (almost) 40-year knowledge with you!

Having a beta background it is my pleasure to solve your financial, tax and actuarial problem sets, by developing taylor made Excel solutions, using selfmade add-ins from Visual Studio. Don't worry if this may sound pretty difficult (actually it is), but my ultimate goal is to provide you with relevant financial information and advices, whenever possible published on one or two A4 pages.

Furthermore my areas of interest are business valuation, asset management and (divorce) mediation. Occasionally I do some software development for clients. I often am hired by accountants and (tax and divorce) lawyers who want to discuss a client situation (e.g. pension advice) with me or want a second opinion.

As I am only a one person company "Pellemans Personal Finance..." my overhead is relatively low. Therefore my fee per hour is, though professional, competative. For actuarial calculations I charge a (compared to other professionals relatively low) fixed annual fee. Please contact me for the details, it might surprise you in a pleasant way...

To learn more about me, please take a further look on this website. You can also visit my LinkedIn profile or send a mail to henri at this domain name (excuse me for this puzzle, it is just to avoid spam).

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